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Marshall, IL

Warehouse Addition


Curry Construction worked with ZF to design and build a 63,500 sq. ft. warehouse addition onto their existing facility. Curry also provided assistance on various projects inside the existing facilities at the same time, in order to eliminate lost production time while ZF transitioned into the new warehouse building.

Central Pack Flooring and Fire Pipe

Curry Construction was contracted to reroute obstructed sprinkler lines to bring them within fire code, diamond grind approximately 7,200-square-feet of existing floor to remove containments, grout, and prime floor and fill in expansion and install approximately 7,200-square-feet of epoxy slurry resurfacer.

Guard Office Addition

This project involved the demolition of an existing closet and wall that divides the existing guard office and closet space. Curry installed a new metal stud wall and renovated the guard office with a new suspended ceiling, sliding windows, lighting, and HVAC.

Locker Room

Locker room capacity was increased, including the demolition of existing walls, construction of new walls, installation of locker room benches and manufacturing of isolation walls.

Bathroom Renovations

This project included the renovation and upgrade of existing bathrooms in the customer’s lobby, shipping area, and upstairs workspace.

New Warehouse Addition

Curry constructed a new warehouse addition, which also included a water main, an overhead door, and relocation of the existing equipment and interior buildout.