Our Portfolio

The Kraft Heinz Company

Champaign, IL

Building Expansions


Additions and Mechanicals

Curry acted as the general contractor for a 4,000-square-foot masonry/conventional steel structure equipped with unloading platforms and equipment to facilitate the transfer of soy oil from tanker trucks into the plant. Other projects included the installation of a new line for salad dressing products and labeling equipment, an interior remodel to accommodate a new product line and removal and replacement of insulated pre-cast panels to aid in the installation of process equipment.

Pasta Building Expansion

Curry Construction completed a new two-story, 16,000-square-foot plant expansion for Kraft. It consisted of a first-floor warehouse and a second-floor production facility that is used to make approximately 13,000 lbs. of noodles per hour.

Facility Maintenance

Oiler Room

This project required saw cutting of the existing concrete floor, construction of a new masonry wall, the provision and installation of two eyewash stations and a roll-up door, and a man door.

Utility Piping

Our crews relocated a skid, tanks, a barrel washer and chemical pumps that they later re-piped. In addition, they demolished the existing soap system and relocated the hand-filling stations and associated equipment.

Roof Framing

For this project, Curry hand-stripped rust scale with needle guns and abrasion tools, profiled surface areas for proper adhesion, cleaned all areas and applied Macropoxy to seal structural steel and restore longevity.