Our Portfolio

Holland Energy Plant

Beecher City, IL

Natural Gas Lines, Outage Support, Line Access Platforms, Water Lab Room, Elevator Structure, Maintenance


Natural Gas Lines

Curry Construction fabricated, painted and installed new natural gas vent lines.

Outage Support

Borescope plugs, hatches, and open inlet doors were removed and reinstalled post-inspection. We also installed new natural gas skid valves and completed the natural gas vent line tie-in.

Sensing Line Access Platforms

We supplied and installed painted structural steel platforms, handrails, bar grating and access ladder in sensing line area.

Water Lab Room

We demolished the existing area and completed pipe relocation. The project involved forming and pouring of concrete and sump pit, fabrication of tote stands and erection of two walls, and a room to separate the containment area. We also provided all interior finish work and installation of an insulated rolling steel door for tote access.

Elevator Structure

Curry provided and installed additional structural framing to HRSG elevator. We also provided engineering, painting, concrete and steel landing for the project.

Maintenance Shop Mezzanine Offices

The project consists of demoing the old offices and lowering the existing mezzanine to make room for the new offices. Erect new mezzanine structure and install floor joists, decking, staircase and handrail. Office spaces will be constructed on top of the new mezzanine, along with some plumbing and electrical work.

Corrective & Preventative Maintenance