Our Portfolio

Graphic Packaging International

Shelbyville, IL

Office Space, Lid Line, Maintenance, Fire Suppression, 717 Press


New Office Space

Curry Construction converted an existing storage closet and bathroom entrance into new office space.

New Lid Line

This project involved unloading a conveyor, an extruder and a gorbel. Our team removed the existing conveyor and installed a new conveyor. The client requested relocation of the guard rail, tool crib and accessories. Our team also set the extrude, the packing station, the lid cutter and the case erector.

Corrective & Preventative Maintenance

Fire Suppression System

This project involved installation of a new FM200 fire suppression system in the new press electrical room with a subfloor.

Relocate Lid Lines

Curry Construction relocated two of the client’s lid line units from one building to another building. The team also changed the conveyor system, so the lid lines could be removed.

717 Press

This project included relocating the existing press and installing a new press in the customer’s facility.